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About Ozone Adventures

Our story & Inception

Ozone Adventures was established in the year of 2010. We started off by offering adventure sports activities in the region such as paragliding and rafting. The Company is owned and managed by group of buddies who are native to Manali. We have been working in the region for upliftment of tourism and related services since our inception.

We have been working in this niche since 2010 but only realized in 2022, that having a online presence is also important. We wish to let travelers know about the exceptionally high quality services we offer, the best and yet to be explored regions in the area and also give them best rates. We are a registered entity with HPTDC.

Our Values & Goals

A strong Team of Tourism Pros.

Ozone Adventure is made up of people who have actually mastered all the activities and services offered on our website. We are not travel agents who are sitting in a air conditioned room in a metro city and claiming to offer you unrealistic services and exploration offers.

The team comprises of licensed paragliders, mountaineering certified group leaders and tourism graduates. We wish to ensure that every traveler who comes in contact with us, gets the best value services.

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Marketing Manager
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Jane Bennett

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