Find out what routes we take, maps of the area and some of the surf-breaks we frequent. We also have loads of secret spots that we can’t wait to share with you when you join our trip.



South Lombok has views to inspire artists and photographers, and leaves visitors from around the world speechless at the sublime panoramic beauty that unfolds beach after beach, bay after bay, all along the coast.

Tourists are drawn to the stunning beaches of the south coast to bake on the blindingly white sands, swim in the crystal clear oceans, explore the unique dive sites and challenge some of the best surf breaks in Indonesia.

Some of the most beautiful locations are only accessible by Sea transport Kuta (sometimes spelt Kute) is the main town and tourism centre on the south coast of Lombok, and is the hub for exploring the fantastic southern beaches and the many points of interest in the region. – Lombok Guide


Sumbawa is the next large island east of Lombok and is easily accessible by boat from Lombok. The island is 3 times the size of Lombok and consists of many incredible features such as waterfalls, rice fields, stunning headlands and empty beaches. The white sand is lapped by crystal clear water, friendly locals that never stop smiling, world-class fishing, magnificent coral reefs bustling with life, and some of the best/least-crowded waves in Indonesia.

Yoyo’s, Super Sucks and Scar Reef are some of the more famous waves and even these are usually not crowded. There are beginner and intermediate waves near by most locations. Usually a trip to Sumbawa will take a week to arrive and discover, With Ozone Adventures this con be done in one epic day.

If you’re the adventurous type looking to get off the beaten path in Indonesia, then West Sumbawa is your ideal destination.